Inland Dalmatia experts

Sinj Town Tour Guides Association – Osinium is one of the youngest associations in the town of Sinj. We founded it in February 2014 and are very enthusiastic about promoting and presenting our region to visitors from every corner of the world. Altough, we cover the entire Split-dalmatian county, our members are specialists for Inland Dalmatia.

We started this association as we believe that only guides that really live here can be the best guides for your Inland Dalmatia visit. We

  • walk the streets every day,
  • listen to stories, legends,
  • hear the music, both traditional as well as modern underground rock,
  • rejoice practically every srida during Alka rehearsals,
  • take interest in history that strictly concerns this area,
  • explore bike and hiking trails because they are near and
  • try to participate in every aspect of Inland Dalmatia.

This also means sharing the downsides of living in a smaller town – feeble economy (that was once powerful and strong), lack of funding for the local government, inaccessibility of some health or educational services; but also the upsides – safety, cleanness, superb water quality, the possiblity to grow our own garden full of vegetables and fruits.

Why did we name our association Osinium?

Osinium was the name of the Sinj fortress in the Roman period. The Romans didn’t come by this name on their own – they borrowed it from a Delmatea tribe Osini that inhabited the area. The name is incribed in a votive stone that is kept in the archaelogic collection of the Franciscan monastery in Sinj. This stone represents a sort-of birth certificate of Sinj and all other names of the town of Sinj derive from it: Asinio, Asinium, Fsini, Vsini, Sinj…

Our goals

besides gathering colleagues and enabling them to work mostly part-time are:

  • educating colleagues
  • perfecting tour guide services
  • organizing professional meetings, seminars and courses as well as vocational excursions
  • cooperating with similar organizations and associations in improving the tourist offer
  • proposing solutions to improve the offer
Kamicak Sinj