The largest town in Inland Dalmatia. It has been an important strategic fortress during almost three millenia. While the town has lost this millitary significance it has become the heart of intangible heritage with

  • the Alka tournament (of which you can learn more on the Alka tournament link),
  • ways of singing
  • and even a part of football history.

Not to be missed while you visit Sinj:

  • The church of the Miraculous Madonna of Sinj with the famous painting is kept
    Franciscan monastery with a valuable archaeological collection
    The museum of the Cetina region
    Join the townspeople of Sinj in a sip of coffee on the Pijaca
  • Alka course – the street where Alka tournament takes place every year in August
    Kamičak fortress
    Kvartiri – a.k.a. Alka Halls with a grand museum scheduled to open in 2015
    Sinj fortress – old town of Sinj
    Gaius Laberius stella – a tombstone embedded in the façade at Vrlička 10
  • uštipak or arambaš – local specialities
  • choose your favourite villa, palace or house
  • Alka stables – where Alka horses retreat when they are not practising on the Alka course or posing for cameras along with Alkars
  • Sikirica gallery – works by a renown Croatian sculptor Stipe Sikirica

Etc. there’s simply so much to be discovered… Take THIS QUIZ and check if your need a guide when you visit Sinj.

About Sinj