The river Cetina passes quietly through this town that all but hides its tumultous history. Once the most important bridge in Dalmatia it is still a very important traffic center.

The nearby village Gardun (1 km north of Trilj) was once the headquarters of a Roman legion, those remnants now lay only to be revealed by rare connoisseurs. The camp was placed here to guard the bridge Pons Tilluri and to remind the native Delmatae  of their defeat by the invicible Roman army. Learn about the life of a Roman legionaire before, during and after service and explore the the remains of:

– a monumental building supported by buttresses,
– a watertank,
– floors decorated with mosaics.

While you visit Trilj don’t miss our some of local specialties – frogs, crabs or a delicious fresh trout!

Čačvina fortress stands high just as it did in the past (8 km NE of Trilj). The tower used to notify of enemy breaches of the nearby border. Now it is romantic, deserted and offers a magnificent view of the surroundings.

Nutjak fortress is about 3 km downstream of Trilj. It was erected in the end of the 15th century on a cliff on the right bank of Cetina. The big round tower dominates the complex and area.

Watermills of Grab install admiration and awe just with the fact that they have been functioning for more than 600 years.