Visit Vrlika – to find inspiration

A Muse might visit you while you visit Vrlika, as the fountain within the town was the inspiration for one of the most famous Croatian operas. It is still performed at the sight once a year. Milan Begović (a famous Croatian writer, born in Vrlika in 1876) wrote the libretto for Ero s onoga svijeta (Ero the joker) in 1935, based on a folk tale, and Jakov Gotovac composed the music.

The circle dancing of Vrlika (Vrličko kolo)- is a part of UNESCO’s intangible heritage list and is specific for the fact that dancers are not accompanied by neither music nor singing. Rythm of their own paces is the only sound that you will hear.

Once strategically very important fortress, Prozor, nowadays gives the town a romantic charm and seems to be watching over it.

The mountains of Svilaja and Dinara do not only enhance the impressiveness of the scenery but also hide marked hiking, horseback rinding and biking trails. Quad adventures, climbing, trekking, foto jeep safari these are just some of the activities that are offered.

The many springs that form the river Cetina will leave anyone breathless and one of the richest findings of pre-regnal Croatian statehood is around the St. Salvator’s church.